General Conditions of Rental
General conditions of rental 

These general conditions of rental govern the contract exclusively and take precedence over those of the renter, particularly those stated on an order form. The rental company rents the vehicle described in the contract under field “Components of the vehicle”.  
The signatory of the present contract binds both himself and any principal he may have. All notices may be validly sent and/or served to the address specified by the signatory to the contract, as being the home address or the registered office of the renter.  

1. Vehicle Availability 
Unless any damage or mechanical malfunction has been specifically noted on the rental contract or on the delivery report, the renter acknowledges that he has received the vehicle in good state of mechanical and bodywork repair, equipped with a complete set of tools,oil and other fluids, with a spare wheel, accessories and on-board documents required by regulations. Before signing the document, the renter will inspect the vehicle personally and will be given the opportunity to briefly test drive the vehicle on the rental company’s car park and will ensure that his remarks are noted upon the rental contract.  

Should the renter encounter a mechanical problem during the rental period which was not noted during the test drive mentioned above, he shall immediately stop using the vehicle and shall immediately contact the rental company in order to agree upon the measures to be taken (e.g. return of the vehicle, immobilization of the vehicle while awaiting inspection by a mechanic, …). Failing this he shall be held responsible for any damages resulting from any use of the vehicle in this condition.  
The rental company is not responsible towards either the renter or third parties for damages caused by a defective vehicle. 

2. Driving the vehicle  
a) The vehicle must be driven by the renter and/or the driver named in the contract subject to compliance with the driving obligations resulting from this contract and subject to payment of the supplement mentioned in the contract. The renter and/ or the authorized driver must hold a valid driving licence or at least the required permit accepted in Turkey and the said driving licence must have been held for at least 12 months. Licences in non Roman alphabets must be accompanied by an international driving licence.  
b) Subject to any other restrictions or exceptions, the driver(s) must be at least 21 years old.  
c) The renter will remain fully responsible towards the rental company for compliance with the contract. 
d) Should the vehicle have been in the care of or driven by an unauthorized driver, the renter will lose the benefits of any liability limitations to which he subscribed.  

3. Use of the vehicle and renter obligations  
The renter is bound to return the vehicle in a good state of repair at the agreed date and place. That return obligation is an obligation to achieve a result ; hence the renter is liable for any damage, for the disappearance and/or the total or partial loss of the vehicle including the costs to recover it and it lying idle unless he demonstrates that the damage was caused by a case of force majeure or by an external cause or else unless he has subscribed to the liability limitation agreement governed by this agreement. The total value of the vehicle is available, upon simple request at the Calypso rental office. 

3.2 Under penalty of his liability being involved towards the rental company, the renter shall use the vehicle with due care and attention and i.a.  
a) To comply with all current laws and regulations regarding, but not limited to, driving in traffic, parking, customs and transport. To pay all fines or any other costs that may be payable as a result of any infringement or violation that may be committed. 
b) To not use the vehicle when drunk or under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, medication or when he is unable to control his actions.  
c) Whilst driving to not use equipment such as, for example, a walkman, tablet computers, smart or mobile phones without a hands-free kit, etc.  
d) To use the vehicle for entirely normal, habitual and non-abusive use on appropriate passable, asphalted or paved roads open for road traffic. The parties expressly agree, by way of mere example, that this excludes transporting dangerous, harmful, flammable, explosive or corrosive substances; races and competitions of any kind, as well as their preparation, road tests and road trials, driving lessons; use of the vehicle to propel or tow a vehicle or any kind or trailer; passenger transport, either free of charge or not ; providing an express courier service.  
a) to not place any advertising on the vehicle, unless agreed in writing with the rental company.  
b) to not load any goods into the vehicle that could damage it.  
c) to not make any modifications, however minimal, to the vehicle.  
d) to not sub-let the vehicle, to not entrust or sell it, either free of charge or for payment, nor to pawn or transfer or sell or dispose of it for any other reason.  
e) to close the windows and lock the doors of the vehicle, even only leaving the vehicle for a short while; to not leave the vehicle documents and the rental contract behind inside the vehicle.  

4. Return of the vehicle  
The renter is required to return the vehicle when and where agreed with the rental company, unless an extension and/or a modification is expressly agreed with the rental company. In addition, in the light of the requirements regarding the return of the vehicle imposed on the rental company by its suppliers, the renter commits to exchange the vehicle for a vehicle of the same category on the date fixed by the rental company. If this exchange is not carried out on the specified date, the rental company reserves the right to claim from the renter any financial damages that may result from the refusal to exchange or from the delayed exchange of the vehicle. 
The vehicle must be returned to the car park reserved for Calypso or as indicated by the latter. The keys of the vehicle must be returned to the rental stations’ desk to the agent appointed for that purpose during opening hours at the station and on the date agreed upon in the agreement. In no case whatsoever will our members of staff accept the keys elsewhere than at the desk of our stations. The renter must return all the keys he had received , tyres, documents, tools, accessories and equipment - without this being an exhaustive list. Any other method of returning the keys and the vehicle is not permitted. Failure to comply with the conditions laid down by this provision will render the renter liable for any possible damage to, or disappearance of, the rental vehicle. The renter is required to recover all of his personal belongings. Calypso Rent A Car shall in no case be responsible for the possible disappearance of items which the renter may have forgotten in the vehicle.  
When the vehicle is returned, other than in the event of him having notified the rental company of a particular loss pursuant to article 7, the renter will be entitled, if he so wishes, to carry out an inspection of the vehicle with a view to identifying any apparent mechanical damage or damage to the bodywork or the absence thereof.  
A restitution document will then be drawn up for the sole purpose of an initial identification of this damage and without prejudice to the procedure set out in the case of loss. If no restitution document involving both parties has been drawn up, the parties agree that the renter authorizes the rental company - to carry this out. If the renter disagrees with the document drawn up by the rental company, he shall arrange for a second expert opinion within an 8-day period. The expert appointed by the renter shall have eight days to examine the car and fifteen days to hand in his report after he will have been appointed.  
The renter who fails to return the vehicle by the date stipulated in the contract is liable to be prosecuted under civil and penal law as well as to continue to be charged under the terms of this contract without this constituting an automatic renewal of the contract. Furthermore, in this case, the renter authorizes the rental company to immediately recover the vehicle, wherever it may be, with a prior warning, and releases the rental company from any liability for any damage or costs resulting from such a recovery, including loss or damage to any object found in the vehicle, unless this loss or damage should be caused by willful misconduct (“dol” – “bedrog”) or a serious offence (“faute lourde” – “grove nalatigheid”) on the part of the rental company or its employees, proof of which falls upon the renter.  

5. Losses  
The renter commits to taking all measures required to protect the interests of the rental company and of the rental company’s insurance in the event of an accident, in particular:  
- to write down the names and addresses of the people involved and the witnesses;  
- to not admit liability or fault;  
- to not abandon the vehicle without having taken measures to ensure its safety and security;  
- to immediately inform the poliçe or gendermarie if a third party’s fault has to be established or if someone has been injured;  
- to complete the accident declaration and to immediately send it to Calypso Rent A Car even if a police report has been made;  
- to immediately return the vehicle to the rental company for an inspection to be carried out in accordance with paragraph 2 below. 
If the renter does not comply with these prescriptions, he will lose the benefit of the liability limitation cover as defined in article 4 depending on the on the negligence ascertained.  
In the case of a loss, of important damage or in the absence of the renter’s liability limitation Calypso Rent A Car will assign an expert who will invite the renter to be present at the time of the examination. The expert shall have the task of determining the damage and the cost of the repairs charged to the renter, taking into account the normal wear and tear of the vehicle, the expert being alone in assessing its impact, and of assessing the duration of their execution and the amount of compensation (lying idle, breakdown service, parking, etc.). 
If the renter should lodge an objection to the expert’s findings, whether or not he has underwritten the aforementioned CDW or Super CDW cover, or if he is not entitled to the benefit of this cover (e.g. damage resulting from a breach of contract), he has a period of eight days to arrange for a second expertise.  

The expert appointed by the renter will have eight days to examine the car and fifteen days thereafter to hand in his report. 
If no agreement can be reached between the parties, common law procedures shall apply.  
If the renter does not arrange for a second expertise, he accepts the conclusions of the expert and he commits to indemnifying Calypso for the amounts determined by the expert, including the number of days of lying idle until the end of repair work as well as the expert assessment costs.  
In the event of damage. 

6. Payment  
The renter commits to pay cash, immediately upon the return of the vehicle or no later than upon receipt of each monthly invoice, if the rental is allowed for more than 30 days:  
a) The rental amount calculated according to the going rate and based on the number of days of rental and kilometers traveled, determined by the odometer.  
b) All the optional items to which he has subscribed when signing the contract, the VAT that is legally applicable.  
c) Any other amount that may be payable under this contract or may have been agreed between Calypso and the renter or his agent. The rental company reserves the right to require the renter to pay a deposit at the time the vehicle is supplied, the amount of which will be calculated according to the expected duration of use and the kilometers to be traveled.  
By means of his credit card, the renter expressly authorizes a guarantee to be constituted and any amount to be collected for which he is liable under the General Conditions. If the renter elects to pay in another currency than the currency used by Calypso at the time of the price quoting, the exchange rate used shall be based on Citibank’s enterprise rate increase by 4% in respect of the service. 
o) the subscription to the service assistance (Road Safety Net) exempts the renter for the payment of fees for breakdown/towing in case of flat tyre, lost key, battery failed or wrong fuel. However the cost of repair remains to the customer. 

7. Collection costs  
Besides the penal clause and the default interest, in the event of judiciary procedure, the renter will be held accountable for the judiciary expenses.  

8. Amendment of the contract  
Any amendments to the terms and conditions of the contract which have not been made in writing will be null and void.  

9. Miscellaneous  
Under no circumstances shall any clause or part of a clause that may be declared null and void entail the nullity of the other clauses or of the contract.  
The contract data will be included in the data file of the “Calypso”. It is intended for internal purposes, however it may be used to inform the client of future promotional actions. The client has at all times a right to access, delete and correct this data. 

10. Jurisdiction of the courts  
This agreement is governed by Turkish law. Any dispute that may arise in respect of this contract will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Antalya, with the exception of cases where, according to the law on market practices and consumer protection, these courts are deemed territorially incompetent. 

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